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Mahoning Valley Family Tree and Tangled Branches

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A Note from Jennifer L. Neff:

Perhaps this collection of Mahoning Valley genealogy is online prematurely; however, I am eager to share what I have to date. It is an ongoing project. Iíve carefully researched material but early on, when learning the ropes, not all sources may have been properly credited. If I missed your name, I offer my apologies. The problem list in RootsMagic is being tackled. There is always a need for corrections and additions. Please contact me with any error information. Since adding material to Find A Grave, Iíve found the correspondence overwhelming and at times it is difficult to respond as I would wish.

The work has been a collaborative effort which began in 2004 and has been compiled jointly with colleagues Wendell F. Lauth and Pat Driscoll Wiant. Wendell and Pat have studied and recorded local history and genealogy since 1959 and 1993, respectively.

I am the daughter of Robert H. and Maxine (Dwiggins) Neff who instilled their love of local history and of our community in me. The merging of the original German and English settlers played an important role in the growth of Canfield. From my Neff family I learned early on about the settlers from Pennsylvania who were of German descent. Since 1987, Iíve lived in the circa 1884 Beardsley home in Canfield Township. This triggered an intrigue with the history of settlers from Connecticut who were of English descent.

These curiosities led to an overall study and recording of local history. Iíve written many monographs and books on a variety of topics, with subjects ranging from church and cemeteries to military. A special concern is the Conrad Neff house, now known as Loghurst. I record information in RootsMagic, which currently links 22,000 Mahoning Valley individuals in its database. To ensure and honor their memory, Iíve entered over 7,000 tributes on the Internet site, Find a Grave.

I was raised in post WW II Canfield, and graduated from Canfield High School in 1963. I received an A.A. from Stephens College and a B.S. in Education from Youngstown State University in 1967. I have three children and five grandchildren.

Additional Thanks
This work could not have been done without the help and understanding of my parents, children and grandchildren. A special thanks also to Sherry Carney for sharing her computer skills; Lynn Anderson for her art work; Larry Arthurs for helping me to make time to keep the show on the road and to Jay Wargacki and Justin Ivey for getting it out there.
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Jennifer Lee Neff

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